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Municipality fails to remove rubbish

Residents are forced to deal with an unpleasant smell from rubbish that is not removed by the municipality in the streets.

MSOGWABA – The collection of rubbish from this area and surroundings is in a bad state. This comes after the City of Mbombela Local Municipality failed several times to remove it in the streets. This will lead to an increase of illegal dumping sites. As a result of the above, the place is a health hazard.

Member of the Regional Executive Committee of the South Africa National Civic Organisation (SANCO), Mr. Sam Dube said some members of the organization put everything aside and removed the rubbish which caused an unpleasant smell in various streets. “Some of our members, in collaboration with community members, are removing the rubbish because what is happening is unhealthy,” said Dube. The spokesperson of the municipality, Mr. Joseph Ngala said there’s no service provider for the removal refuse in this area and surroundings.

“We are not rendering such services in this area, but our previous service provider did a good job. He was not paid for those areas because his contract states that he was designated for only KaNyamazane and Matsui.
“Although he voluntarily collected in Pienaar, the community threatened to burn down his truck and we don’t why. He decided to stop because he wanted to protect his property,” he explained.

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