Construction Skip Hire

Skipgo understands that building rubble removal is more than simply the removal of rubbish from your building site – it’s about scheduling, time management, cost savings and being efficient & punctual. We know that building sites are inherently busy and tight for space, our 2m³ skips provides the perfect solution!

Skipgo accepts mixed loads containing: Dirt, Brick, Concrete, Steel, Timber, Cardboard and organic materials. We can also assist with deliveries of 2m³ loads of sand and stone or even pallet loads up to 2 tons, anything from cement to tiles and bricks.

Skipgo embraces a complete full service model built upon a foundation of strong customer service. Working closely with your company, Skipgo will provide an end to end waste management solution – from the initial planning all the way to the completion of a project.



  1. Limited space: Our mini skip system is ideal for building projects in residential developments with strict home owner’s rules and regulations. Skipgo provides a 2m³ Mini Skip that takes up less than three square meters, our lighter vehicles does not damage roads as much as bigger trucks and the skips are cleaned more often than 6m³ Skips.
  2. Less sightly: Because of the size, our mini skips have to be cleaned out more frequently than the bigger skips, resulting in less time waste being accumulated and therefore creating a cleaner working environment.
  3. Accessibility: Our hydraulically operated trailer system allows us to enter into smaller spaces than bigger trucks. It allows us to place our mini skips in areas where you would not have been able to do so with larger rigs.
  4. Competitively priced: Compare our pricing to alternative waste management solutions and you will be surprised!
  5. Owner operated: Skipgo is a National brand consisting of multiple owner operated agents throughout South Africa. Our Agents take pride in their businesses, guaranteeing you a professional and reliable service.


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