COVID-19 Response

Skipgo is temporarily closed due to the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa for non-essential services, but we are allowed to provide essential services.

In principle, any waste that could contribute to health risks or poor hygiene, are seen as essential services. Recyclable material, building rubble, and garden refuse are generally not seen as risk contributors and therefore does not fall within the parameters.

To confirm whether we will be allowed to service you, please contact the agent in your area directly, or our call center operative (working from home) on 087 012 5095.

Skipgo is with you during these unprecedented times and is looking forward to providing you with the best level of service in the industry, once the lock-down has been lifted.

If you are using this time at home to clean-up and want to dispose of unwanted goods, remember to book your skip now already for deliveries after the lock-down.

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