About our Mini Skip Business

Skipgo is the largest mini skip drop-and-collect service in South Africa with more than 64 agencies across the country. Operators currently dispose of 20 000m³+ rubble per month, responsibly!

Waste & rubble is not something that should be discarded with no thought for what its purpose may be in the future. Waste could be a very beneficial resource if it is utilised correctly; with proper management, there is a chance for us South Africans to reap the rewards. Skipgo is a company that works with passion above and beyond compliance for business.

Skipgo is a proud supporter of the “Unashamedly Ethical” campaign. This is an independent South African initiative promoting ethical conduct in both personal and professional lives.

It is based on a belief that as we re-align our moral compass to defy corruption and self-serving business practices and instead promote value-based trading as well as ethical leadership and fair and just treatment of all in the business arena, only then, will it have an impact on our personal lives, communities, our nation and our continent!

Skipgo only use SABS approved equipment. Our lifting equipment is supplied, load tested and certified by a LEEASA (Lifting Equipment Engineering Association of South Africa) – an association recognized by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and Department of Labour. Our trailers are built according to stringent SABS approved standards in an accredited facility.

All this is done to ensure we supply and deliver a waste management solution that is safe to use and safe around you, our most valued clients.

First time hiring a bin? No worries, give our friendly staff a call on 087 012 5095  and we will talk you through the whole process.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud to announce our involvement in Saving the Rhinos! The Skipgo agents came together and decided to adopt a baby Rhino through the conservation organization called the Zululand Conservation Trust and Helping Rhinos trust.

We have adopted Storm, a BLACK RHINO
(Diceros bicornis) Storm is being cared at Zululand Rhino Orphanage, in a secret location, somewhere in Kwa-Zulu Natal. We at Skipgo are excited to be involved with the upbringing and rehabilitation and ultimately the release of Storm into the wild again. We will keep you, our valued client informed about Storms’s progress of becoming a grown Rhino in the wild where he belongs.

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